Monday, December 10, 2012

Give me strengthen

Life quite busy to accomplish my thesis until done.Alhamdulilah,thanks for Him because grant me with this opportunity.Why I said thanks to Him?at least, I realize, even thou my job list down was so pack and full, I’m not busy enough compare to medical student :P

I think Allah give so many things to me in this life.Whenever I asked for Him to guidance me when I lost, He show me the way soon after that. When I’m confused with my thesis, I try to listen several songs. Currently, I’m addicted to hear ‘zikir therapi’ from Hafiz Hamidun. How beautiful the melodies of the zikr.I recommanded all of you to hear it now. It really works,to cure our heart.Sometimes when I feel that my works was high like a mountain,my hands quickly to click Sami Yusuf or Maher Zain’s songs.Thanks brother!

If I feel down with my surroundings or less motivation to do something, I try to searching any Palestine video to watch.When I watched the video,honestly, I feel so embarrass with them. I always think, how many kind of My Lord gives to me,but I don’t thankful sometimes. I always remember,when a little Palestinian going to the school, they’re not sure either will safely arrived at the school or not.But I, even comfortable buses are provided to me if I want to go anywhere,still many excuse to give whilst to go there..arghh..I have to fight with syaitonnorojim and mazmumah habit. It can destroy me!

Yesterday I met Syafa here,in library (I’m in sejuk beku batu ais library right now :p). We talked like we never met before. We share many stories, about what we doing right now,how’s our student life going and of course about Syafa’s durian crepe bisnes yang kencang now.I was so surprised when she told me that she took 8 subject this semester.What,it is too much.In addition with her business and handle much program,I asked her,how she could manage time wisely?

“Tak cukup masa, pun Syafa rasa tak larat dah..tengoklah muka Syafa nie..” she responded.

I looked at her face,yes true.Really exhausted.

InsyaAllah,I pray the best for you,mate.Whatever you will do,Allah always by your side.He never leave us alone.InnaAllahmaa’na.Syafa also told me much story about how miracle her routine happened.I feel so glad whilst listening that.Feel motivation too.

I also asked her,how to avoid sifat suka bertangguh when we do a task.Syafa said “bagi Syafa,kalau kita suka tangguhkan kerja,maknanya kita tak serius nak buat benda tue..contohnya kalau belajar,maknanya kita tak serius nak buat betul-betul time kita study..ambil lewa,anggap benda itu remeh..”

Letak batu atas kepala..bukkk..

Thanks my dear Syafa.

And now,library become my second home.I told to my friends earlier,if anybody wants to meet me,just looking me at the library.I love to stay here.But I can’t stand with cold temperature.Seriously,stay at the library is like you stay in an

Actually,I have many things to share with all my readers.InsyaAllah next time,I try to update my blog frequently.Time always jealous with me.I’m not blame the time,but I think I’m not use it wisely.Poor me.I seek for His forgiveness.

Please pray may Allah ease my thesis journey.InsyaAllah,may Him blessing too.

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