Saturday, May 19, 2012

I need You

Oh Allah, give me strengthen to face all of this. May You guide me to take the best choice, and make my day happiness even though weather also shifts every time. Let the rain gone, because I know, there will rainbow at the end.

Praise to Allah. You send an obey comrades around me.

Obstacles makes me strong to face challenges of life. I know that. If I failed pass thru this way, I should blame myself because didn’t quite tough as my brother and sisters in Palestine.

Their right to go school has denied by Israel. They are suffering. Sometimes they hunger. But they never give up. They receive every mehnah without mutter.

How about me?

Sometimes when I can’t understand what I’m studying, what I’m reading, quickly I give up. Crying? Sometimes I do it. International relations are not a difficult course obviously. You just need to read continuously. But you always meet much dispute case among the people, and also the country.

 I’m always think when they want to solve their problem?

I take international political of maritime this semester. It’s quite hard; you have to understand it deeply. Beside, our lecturer put high expectation on us. Once you failed answered his question, you will feel ashamed. 

I learn about Exclusive Economic Zone or mostly known as EEZ. You can see how greedy each countries whilst claimed their EEZ area. It is reality. Even the country was a small country like an island; the EEZ was very large and huge. No need to go further. Look at our country and other countries surrounding us.

Sometimes I’m tired to think about human. Sometimes it’s hard to understanding their behavior.

But, this is the way I choose. The part I like. The thing I learned for almost three years in campus.

Because politic can't been separated from us. In fact, azan is one of instrument in politics.

Oh Allah, please make me strong as our relatives in Palestine!

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